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I add to this site frequently, so check  back again for additions!  You'll find links to all of my reviews for books, movies, music and other items in the My Reviews area, links to favorite authors, favorite bands, favorite movies and TV shows and more on the Favorites page, and lots of fun & funny videos and video games in the Fun Stuff area.  Don't forget to take a peek in the Eye Candy gallery, but be warned that some of the photos there may be somewhat explicit.  The pictures in the Photo Gallery section are all G-rated, with photographs of my friends, family and events.  The Book Nook is where you can find out what books I've read recently, as well some of my very favorite books and series ever. 

Eventually I'll have a full Kitchen section with more recipes, favorite wines, & restaurant recommendations.  I will also be uploading some favorite jokes, more fun videos, and who knows what else!  :) 

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These are a few of the books currently at the top of my to-be-read pile:
Where to find me on the web:


Listen to some of my favorite songs in my jukebox!

These are just a few of my very favorite songs.  I adore music, and can't imagine life without it.  The playlist is set to play a random song automatically, and then shuffle the playlist.  Songs are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Fun Video

George Lucas in Love is a hilarious student film. 
Watch everything in this video closely, including
the background.


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Jennifer A. Ray

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